Episode 11 - WPT (Web Portal Toolkit) is the Best Kept Secret at Hyland Software, the makers of OnBase (720p)

June 8, 2020

In this Episode of CAPTURE CAPITALIST, we visit with Mike Ball at Hyland Software to take a look at a relatively newer offering from Hyland Software called, Web Portal Toolkit (WPT).  WPT is a platform that lets us create responsive ready, customized front ends for Hyland OnBase systems – whether on-premised based or hosted in the Cloud.  Don’t let the inclusion of "toolkit" in WPT's name fool you into thinking this is some sort of complicated, new-fangled development language.

WPT is designed very much with the End-user in mind and as the focus. WPT is simple to use, mobile-enabled makes minimal use of technical terms, and requires little if any training to use it effectively. 

What you will learn from this podcast episode?  (Note: total length of this podcast is about 1 hour and 26 minutes, jump to 58:00 minute mark for demonstration) 

We will begin with defining what WPT is and how it can be utilized to solve a multitude of business and technical challenges for customers, their internal and external user communities.  You’ll see first-hand how WPT has been deployed to solve Higher Ed issues such as Student Course Registration, Vendor and Supply Chain Partner portals for the Manufacturing and Distribution industries, Fleet Management, Hospitality and Entertainment industries and much more.  The possibilities are endless. 

Here you will learn what WPT does uniquely, what makes it a viable choice to consider if you have specific accessibility needs that the standard Web or Unity Clients can’t easily solve out of the box. Mike and I will discuss how WPT be tailored or customized to satisfy the needs of Human Resources and even solve complex, multi-divisional extranet use cases such as a Supply Chain Portal.

You will learn about the key pieces of functionality that are included with WPT:

  • A clear and uncluttered UI that is amazingly simple to master in a short amount of time;
    Underneath the covers you will learn how WPT utilizes the most modern of web-based technologies;
  • 14 different languages are currently supported – a must for multi-national organizations;
  • Colors, logos, supporting text are all customizable so that WPT looks like your organization’s brand, not someone else’s;
  • Deployment time is RAPID and integration with your ERP or line-of-business system can be achieved using a number of different techniques.
  • We talk about pre-built WPT widgets and the ability to create custom widgets;

Of course, you will see how document search and viewing is accomplished (even on mobile devices), we chat about security concerns that may be crossing your mind, touch on flexible licensing options, but it doesn’t stop there.  Data from various ERP systems, line of business systems, and/or of course keywords from your OnBase system, secured uploading of documents into a business process workflow, custom queries, and much more are discussed.

Mike even provides us with a great demonstration based on a customer use case (begins at 58:00 minute mark).  

Good materials all the way around, if you were contemplating external use cases for your OnBase system, this episode is a much watch.  There are plenty of takeaways that you can put immediately to work for you and your organization. 

Stay safe during these challenging times and as always, thanks for watching/listening and please, leave your constructive comments in the feedback and comment section!

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